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The following courses can be used to fulfill the Ethics requirement for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Note: 3 credits are required to meet the Ethics requirement.

Course Credits Name also listed as
Agron 342 3 World Food Issues: Past and Present T SC 342, FSHN 342, EnvS 342, U St 342
Agron 450 3 Issues in Sustainable Agriculture EnvS 450
An S  211 1 Issues facing Animal Science
AN S 260X 3 Introduction to Controversies in Science and Society NREM 260X, FS HN 260X
An S  411 1 Addressing Issues in Animal Science
Econ  362 3 Applied Ethics Ag. Soc 362
Env S 334 3 Environmental Ethics Phil 334
FSHN 308 3 Dairy Products: Current Issues and Controversies
FSHN 242 3 Societal Impacts on Food Systems
N S   412 3 Leadership and Ethics
NREM  460 3 Controversies in Natural Resource Management ENV S 460
Phil  230 3 Moral Theory and Practice
Phil  235 3 Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society
Phil  330 3 Ethical Theory
Phil  331 3 Moral Problems in Medicine
Phil  334 3 Environmental Ethics
Phil  336 3 Bioethics and Biotechnology
Phil  537 3 Bioethics and Public Policy
Pol S 235 3 Intro to Ethics and Politics
Pol S 480 3 Ethics and Public Policy
Soc   325 3 Agriculture in Transition
TSM 370 3 Occupational Safety
Honors Seminar 1 Ethical Eating (course number may vary)
Honors Seminar 1 Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Biological and Ethical Considerations (course number may vary)

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