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Agricultural Studies

Agricultural Studies covers the broad spectrum of agriculture and life sciences with the flexibility for you to customize the major to pursue your career goals. With all the flexibility, you could choose an area of emphasis such as farm management, agronomy and crop production, agricultural law, agricultural systems and technology, or international agriculture. With a solid background in agriculture and life sciences, you are prepared for a career in many areas of agriculture from production agriculture to extension to agribusiness. The quality and flexibility of the program make this a popular major for incoming high school students as well as transfer students from community colleges.

Did You Know?

The Ag 450 Farm has been student-managed since 1943, serving as a laboratory for students enrolled in Agricultural Education and Studies 450, Farm Management and Operation. AgEdS450 is the senior-level capstone course for Agricultural Education and Agricultural Studies majors. The Ag 450 farm is the only completely student managed farm at a land-grant university.